Staff Team

Nicola Young Assistant Vice Principal/Faculty Lead & Phase 3 Teacher
Charlotte Godman Teacher
Lara Morawiec Phase 2 Teacher & Senior SENCO
Leslie Turnbull Phase 2 Teacher
Caroline West Phase 3 Teacher

Curriculum Aims

Through the Science curriculum, we want students to -

  • To develop an understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • To be inspired by Scientists and scientific development, that has changed the world by developing skills such as thinking scientifically and working scientifically.
  • To grow confident in designing scientific investigations and develop analytical thinking skills that can be used and transferred.
  • To use ELC Science as a springboard to build confident progression into GCSE level learning when needed.
  • Gain academic qualifications that have genuine impact on life choices and opportunities.

Core Content

What do we want students to know/be able to do?

  • To build upon prior knowledge, engaging and developing knowledge and understanding across the three scientific disciplines – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • To understand the key concepts using specialist vocabulary and also develop and apply mathematical skills to build understanding of scientific enquiry: Prediction, observation, design, analysis and evaluation embedded within lessons supported by a termly focus.
  • Aspire to understand and show genuine interest and enthusiasm for the world around them. Recognising the key role Science plays in everyday life.

Useful Documents

Curriculum Map - Science Phase 2

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Curriculum Map - Science Phase-3

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