Staff Team

Nicola Young Head of Science Faculty
Samantha Richardson Primary Teacher
Caroline West Teacher
Lara Morawiec Senior SENCO
Victoria Brewster Teacher
Emma Gundry Principal

Key Stage 1 / 2 / 3 Curriculum - Science

A broad and balanced Science curriculum is being developed based on the new National Curriculum for Science. In order for equipment to be available topics are taught at separate occasions for each class. The rotation which shows the order of teaching is available from your Science teacher.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum – Science

VLC Weston and VLC Milton

Due to the recent changes to Science specifications and the introduction of these specifications, students within Yr 9 - Yr 10 will begin AQA Entry Level single and double Science award with some students progressing to GCSE awards.  The new GCSE's are assessed using terminal exam papers and the certification will be shown as a number (9-1) instead of a grade.

Yr 11 students will follow courses from the following list: GCSE AQA Core Science A, GCSE AQA Additional Science and AQA Entry Level Science. Individual students will be given a topic rotation detailing the topics taught and the order of study.

All courses are designed to allow pupils to progress through the levels of the National Curriculum at a pace suitable to their abilities. Individual and group practical work forms a central part of all courses to help foster a spirit of enquiry and involvement in the learning process.

Within VLC Milton tuition students will mirror their school curriculum for Science to enable a smooth re-integration into mainstream school. Science Teachers will liaise with the relevant teachers to enable effective transfer of information to support student progress within this subject area.

Notable successes in Science during the recent exams include 59% of students achieving one or more grades above their estimated grade.  97% pass rate for all Science GCSE entries with an increased number of students from our Weston PRU accessing GCSE Science.

Home learning support

KS4 students will receive an AQA CPG Revision Guide and Work book. Homework tasks and extension work may be set from this book during the GCSE or ELC course. Please use this resource before and after lessons to aid your learning. To further support your child’s learning the following websites can be used:

 Your child can also access VLC Canvas (learning platform) which contains many useful videos, explanations and self-marking progress checks to further support their learning.