Practical Skills Including Motor Vehicle

Staff Team

Samantha Bailey-Price Additional Learning Curriculum Lead
Andy Phillpotts Phase 2 Teacher
Anne Bell Vocational LSA
Word of the Week
Service A motor vehicle service or tune-up is a series of maintenance procedures carried out at a set time interval or after the vehicle has travelled a certain distance. The completed services are usually recorded in a service
Person of the Month
Chris Boardman British Former Olympic gold medallist, 3-time World Champion and campaigner for improvements to the nation's roadways.

Curriculum Aims

Through the Motor Vehicle curriculum, we want students to -

  • To develop a range of transferable knowledge and life skillsĀ 
  • To give students skills to prepare them for life outside of school in readiness for independent living
  • To develop hands on vocational skills
  • Engage students in current industry practise with the motor vehicle and bicycle arenas

Core Content

What do we want students to know/be able to do?

  • Knowledge and understanding of basic DIY skills
  • Be able to use basic DIY skills, knowledge of H&S and fire safely
  • Be able to ride and maintain a bicycle
  • Identify various motor vehicle systems
  • Identify and use specialist tools and equipment correctly and safely
  • Use correct processes to remove and refit bike and car components correctly
  • Problem solve
  • Complete and understand tasks set

Useful Documents

Curriculum Map - Practical Skills inc Motor Vehicle

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