Practical Skills Including Motor Vehicle

Staff Team

Samantha Bailey-Price Additional Learning Curriculum Lead
Andy Phillpotts Phase 2 Teacher
Anne Bell Personalised Learning Teacher
Word of the Week
Exhaust Emmissions Exhaust emissions are substances that come out of an exhaust system into the atmosphere. A high-capacity catalytic converter reduces the level of harmful exhaust emissions discharged into the atmosphere. Auto makers are under pressure to reduce the toxic levels of vehicle exhaust emissions.
Person of the Month
Henry Ford An engineer and watchmaker, in his early 20s Ford was encouraged by Thomas Ediston (of lightbulb fame) who Ford was working for, to follow his dreams of creating an affordable, reliable, gasoline-powered automobile. A champion for disabled people, Ford established the first car mass production plant. Famously saying "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black" and "The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing".

Curriculum Aims

Through the Motor Vehicle curriculum, we want students to -

  • To develop a range of transferable knowledge and life skillsĀ 
  • To give students skills to prepare them for life outside of school in readiness for independent living
  • To develop hands on vocational skills
  • Engage students in current industry practise with the motor vehicle and bicycle arenas

Core Content

What do we want students to know/be able to do?

  • Knowledge and understanding of basic DIY skills
  • Be able to use basic DIY skills, knowledge of H&S and fire safely
  • Be able to ride and maintain a bicycle
  • Identify various motor vehicle systems
  • Identify and use specialist tools and equipment correctly and safely
  • Use correct processes to remove and refit bike and car components correctly
  • Problem solve
  • Complete and understand tasks set

Useful Documents

Curriculum Map - Practical Skills inc Motor Vehicle

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