COVID-19 Vaccinations - Parent Consent

As announced on Tuesday 14th September 2021 the COVID-19 programme has now been expanded to include vaccinating healthy 12-15 year olds.

Nasal Flu Vaccinations - Parent Consent

The School’s Nasal Flu vaccination programme has now been extended to include all young people from Reception – Year 11 (up to age 18 in Special schools).

Student and Family Support Over the Holiday

We know that you may be worried about things over the summer holiday and there are a large number of organisations, local and national, that can help.

SWAN Summer Day Trips 2021

Some great opportunities for children and families living in South Weston – Oldmixon, Bournville and Coronation. Ticket Enquiries: Kally - SWAN Youth Networker

SWGfL Report Harmful Content

LMI- What is it? Why should we use it?

LMI or Labour Market Information in relation to careers generally includes information on general employment trends, data on what jobs exist, how many and in which sectors and job types,…