Food Technology

Staff Team

Samantha Bailey-Price Faculty Lead & Phase 2 Teacher
Victoria Trim Phase 2 Teacher
Luke Price Phase 3 Teacher
Word of the Week
Saffron Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the "saffron crocus". The vivid crimson stigma and styles, called threads, are collected, and dried for use mainly as a seasoning and colouring agent in food. Saffron has long been the world's most costly spice by weight
Chef of the Month
Garry Rhodes Gary Rhodes, OBE (22 April 1960

Curriculum Aims

Through the curriculum, we want students to -

  • To develop an understanding of cooking in its various forms  
  • To be inspired by other cooks, chefs and cuisines from around the world
  • To grow confidence in exploring and experimenting with a range of ingredients and equipment in the kitchen
  • Appreciate and express opinions about their own food and the food of others

Core Content

What do we want students to know/be able to do?

  • Be able  to plan and prepare dishes from scratch
  • Be able to use cooking equipment safety
  • Be able to practice good hygiene and safety in the kitchen
  • Be able to make choices about cooking and eating a balanced diet


The recipes planned for the students to develop their cooking skills and exploration of ingredients and cuisines changes every year. Students will try dishes from  wide range if cultures and chefs and will include recipes from breakfasts, main meals, desserts and snacks. Recipes will be carefully chosen for students to experience a range of meats, fruits and vegetables and dishes for different specialist diets including vegetarian, vegan, coeliac and diary free.

Sainsbury Chef Award

Students in Phase 1 have the opportunity to gain Sainsbury Chef Awards, as students develop and progress their successes is recognised with the following Awards;

  • Mini Chef
  • 5 A Day Chef
  • Eatwell Chef
  • Lite Bite Chef
  • World Chef
  • Head Chef

Useful Documents

Curriculum Map - Food

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