Staff Team

Samantha Bailey-Price Additional Learning Curriculum Lead
Victoria Trim Teacher of Art & Design and Food Technology
Luke Price Teacher of Art & Design and Food Technology
Vacancy Teacher of Design Technology and Art & Design

Pupils' artwork is stunning, reflecting the creativity in the teaching of this subject.

OFSTED Report, November 2013

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About Art & Design

All students of all ages, abilities and Key Stages study Art & Design.

Key Stages 1, 2, 3 have regular lessons and activities every week in Art and Design following the National Curriculum, Key Stage 3 follow the NC guidelines and projects developed by the head of Faculty and other specialist staff, these ensure students will learn skills in all aspects of Art & Design.

Key Stage 4 will work towards gaining a GCSE in Art & Design or GCSE Photography. In 2016 the team introduced GCSE Art & Design to year 9 students giving them more time to reach and exceed their potential.

Students at all Key Stages will experience a wide range of mediums and processes, including;

drawing, painting, printmaking, fashion, textiles, 3D, relief, mixed media digital art and photography.

Students are given the opportunity regulary to work with visiting artists, attend workshops, and visit exhibitions and art events in around the south west.

Key Stage 4 – GCSE Art & Design, GCSE Photography

Exam Board AQA
Portfolio 60% of the overall grade - this is all of the artwork created in lessons- students need to complete 3 projects
Exam This is the Externally Set Task this is 40% of the overall grade, students will get approximately 2 terms to work towards the 10 hour exam, completed in exam conditions. The choice of projects set by the exam board is given to students in January (Term 3 of Yr11).

 Throughout the GCSE course students will look at a wide range of historical and contemporary artists/photographers to influence their own work. In each project students will need to analysis and make written comments about their own work and the work of other. Drawing is an essential aspect of GCSE Art & Design and Photography and must be including in every project as well as other mediums and processes.