Visit From The 'Drugs Bus'

13 May 2019 11:58

Visit From The 'Drugs Bus'

The students and staff at the Weston site experienced an interactive drug workshop with a difference this month.

The ‘Drugs Bus’ (a converted double decker bus) arrived at the centre to hold a day of workshops aimed at exploring a variety of issues around substance misuse, prevention and knowledge.

The students were first taken to a ‘crack shack’ (an area made to look like a drugs den), where the students learnt about a variety of substances and their effects. This led into a discussion on the effects of substance misuse and how it can affect not just the user, but their friends and family.

At the end of this session there was a drugs raid and everyone was arrested and taken to the on-board Jail. Here the students faced a series of puzzles relating to the information they had received earlier to enable them to be released. This then led to a discussion about offending and how it felt to be locked up.

This was a very successful day for all involved and there was a lot of positive feedback from both students and staff.

Posted Monday 13th May 2019 by Peter Williams