Updated COVID-19 Guidance

9 November 2020 13:35

Updated COVID-19 Guidance

Dear Parents/Carers

Before the holiday I wrote to you explaining that if the local and national situation changed, we may see some changes to our Covid-19 practices and procedures. Since the announcement of the new national lockdown, I am writing now to outline the changes necessary to keep ourselves, our school and our families safe.

  • All staff (unless exempt) to wear face coverings in areas where it is difficult to maintain social distancing – this may include some classrooms but generally means the corridors and social areas.
  • All students in Year 7 and above are also expected to wear a face covering in areas such as the corridors and social areas (unless eating or drinking) with effect from Wednesday, 11th November. Please note:
    • A face covering could include a mask, a “snood”, a scarf or similar item that covers the mouth and nose.
    • Spare masks will be available in school for students who do not have one.
    • If a students is not using a face covering in these areas, staff will remind them using the phrase, "don't forget you should have a face covering on in the corridor/rec room – we have some spares if you need one".
  • If your child is exempt from wearing a mask, please let us know so that they will not be regularly asked by staff to use one.
  • We will ask students on entry into school if they have a temperature or any other symptoms. If they say they feel hot we will take their temperature to check (unless they also have other symptoms, in which case they will automatically be sent home – parents/carers will be required to collect their child or make suitable alternative arrangements).

As always, we must remember these important control measures:

  • Frequent washing of hands throughout the day.
  • Maintaining safe distances from each other and staff as much as possible during the day.
  • Using tissues safely and putting them safely in a bin.

As a consequence of the national lockdown, we have also suspended giving students lifts in staff cars – unless it is an emergency. This is a worrying time for staff, students and I am sure, you as parents/carers. Our aim is to continue in school as "normal" but with these changes in place to keep us all safe. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Yours faithfully

Emma Gundry

Posted Monday 9th November 2020 by Emma Gundry

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