Update for Parents & Carers

5 May 2020 14:24

Update for Parents & Carers

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are continuing to do well and managing as the lockdown continues.  We, like you,  are waiting for news this week about possible government plans for lifting the lockdown and the gradual reopening of schools.  We are starting to think about how we will start to open up to more students, and we will share plans once we have heard more about the government’s intentions. Please be reassured that our focus will be on ensuring both students and staff are able to work safely with each other moving forward.

Student home learning:

We have really enjoyed our regular contact with you in our calls home.  Staff are hugely impressed by the efforts of parents/carers to help young people during these challenging times with both school work, home learning and  supporting their mental health and wellbeing.  Students have been up to lots at home – decorating, plastering, cooking family meals, building projects, long walks or cycle rides and art projects are just some of the things we’ve heard about.  Any learning is important learning and we know students will have gained so much from doing these things with you.  Please do continue to access the resources that we have provided online and sent home.

Support for Y11:

Lots of Y11 students have questions about how they will get exam grades this year.  We have produced a FAQs for your information and you can find this on our website here: https://www.voyagelearningcampus.org.uk/home-learning/year-11/ .  If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to make contact via our email (closure@voyagelearningcampus.org.uk)

Additionally, if students need any further support or help with college applications or making their next step, please do let us know. 

Bank Holiday - VE Day:

Friday is a Bank Holiday and marks 75 years since VE Day.  We know that many of us will be disappointed not to be able to join in community celebrations commemorating those who fought and died in WW2.  On Facebook we have included lots of posts to mark this significant date with links to resources about the day .  Please do have a look over the next few days as staff will be sharing personal stories of relatives who they will be remembering on Friday.  We would love to hear any stories from you as well.

Support for children and families:

We have highlighted a range of support services for families on Facebook, using the hashtag #notalone.  You can also find links on our website.  The School Nursing Team is available for families and details can be found below:



We will be in touch again shortly.  Take care and stay home, stay safe!

Posted Tuesday 5th May 2020 by Emma Gundry