Literacy Competition 2018

Literacy Competition 2018

This year's competition was to re-tell a story in any format you liked.  I was overwhelmed with the response and wowed with the talent of our students.  We had entries from Primary up to KS4.

There were models of scenes from favourite books, the best being Stephen's  re-creation of the football match from David Walliams 'The boy in the dress'.  There were lots of stories and book covers, another winner being Summer with her cover and blurb for 'Wonder' about the boy with the facial difference. Classic children's stories also featured: Turtle Class did a fantastic video version of 'The Three Little Pigs' and Caleb (our final Tablet winner) produced a rap for 'Little Red Riding Hood' - eat your heart out Stormzy!  Please take the time to check out the videos and recordings (check back soon).

Huge congratulations go to the winners of the Amazon Fire Tablets, Stephen, Summer and Caleb.  Runners up were given book vouchers and some students have already visited Waterstones in Weston to spend time choosing books and gifts.

Hopefully, the competition encouraged everyone to think in a fun way about their favourite story and the best way to represent it.  

Keep reading, telling stories and look out for next year's competition.

Miss Magee

Faculty Lead Literacy


2018 Winners

Amazon Fire Tablets go to:

  • Caleb (Year 6 - Primary) for his Rap on Little Red Riding Hood
  • Stephen (Year 8 - REAP) for his model of The Boy in the Dress
  • Summer (Year 9 - Tuition) for her book cover for Wonder 

£20 book vouchers go to:

  • Rhys (Year 6 - Primary)
  • Harry (Year 4 Primary)
  • Dionne (Year 9 - REAP)
  • Josh (Year 10 - Weston)
  • Kion (Year 10 - Weston)

£15 book vouchers go to:

  • Corey (Year 9 - REAP)
  • Jordan (Year 10 - REAP)

£10 book vouchers go to:

  • William (Year 7 - Tuition)
  • McKenzie (Year 5 - Primary)
  • Millie (Year 5 - Primary)
  • Connor (Year 6 - Primary)
Turtle Class - £50 worth of book vouchers for their video re-telling the story of the Three Little Pigs to be spent on books for the class.
Posted Tuesday 8th May 2018 by Francine Magee