Letter to Parents

5 June 2020 14:53

Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Carers

As ever, events locally and nationally happen very quickly and change is part of our lives at the moment.

We have been advised that it is appropriate for schools to start opening more widely for students. At the VLC this means we will:

  • Start welcoming Y6s back to school from Wednesday 10 June
  • Plan to offer some “face to face” on-site provision for Y10 students from the following week beginning 15 June
  • This will not be a full time offer for Y10 students but is intended to support learning at home, ensuring students know what to do and get feedback about what they have completed
  • Staff will be in contact over the next week to discuss with you our offer for Y10 students

As I mentioned earlier this week, it seems unlikely that Year 7, 8 and 9 will physically return to school this academic year. We are now exploring different ways to support parents with learning at home, in addition to the resources provided online and at home. As the time away from school extends, we know it is important to keep links with you and our phone calls and regular contact home will remain in place.

Another issue in the news that we cannot miss this week are the protests happening both in the USA and the UK in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, following the killing of George Floyd. Throughout this week we have been sharing resources to celebrate diversity and showcase black stories and history. Included with this update are some suggested Home Learning ideas that students of all ages can do; we will continue to share resources on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to support this work at home. It is clearly not enough for us to do some one off activities and consider our job done in promoting a clear anti-racist message, however, we hope this prompts the start of greater understanding of this important issue.

Mental health and wellbeing is also an issue for many of our young people. Parent Zone is a useful website for you to access with a whole range of advice. Some may find this article about eating disorders, for example, of help.


We will be in touch again shortly but in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need some support


Posted Friday 5th June 2020 by Voyage Learning Campus