Key Points About the Current Covid-19 Situation

30 September 2020 13:19

Key Points About the Current Covid-19 Situation

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope that the start of the new school year has been a positive one from your point of view. I am sure that you will not be surprised to learn that it has been a demanding time for staff who are not only working to help students catch up on missed learning but also supporting them to feel safe with new routines in place. Despite this, we are enjoying working with the students and seeing them in school. It certainly feels like there is some normality in school at least!

I just want to raise some key points about the current Covid-19 situation. You can also find attached a letter from Public Health England with more information about symptoms and measures to take.

Student Behaviour and Safety

Generally, we are pleased with how students have responded to the new routines designed to protect the health of all in school. We do still need at times to ensure that all students are following safety routines, including hand washing/sanitising and following staff requests. We appreciate your support in reinforcing these expectations at home.

Student 'Bubbles'

The recent announcements regarding the tightening of restrictions have not yet had an impact on education and it seems unlikely that there will be planned school closures again. However, whilst we have yet to have any confirmed cases in school, we do need to plan in case of a “bubble” having to self-isolate and work from home. Please remember that our bubbles work slightly differently to other schools, as they are not based on year groups. Each phase is a separate bubble and involves students across year groups. However, in the case of a positive test we will work with Public Health England to identify those who will be required to self-isolate.

Access to IT in the case of Home Learning

Additionally, we are planning for the work students will do if they are required to stay at home. If you or your child do not have the ability to work online at home, please can you let us know as soon as possible. You can email us at and let us know if your child does not have a tablet or laptop they could use to do some work.

Possible Future Measures

Finally, please note that we may need to increase the measures we have in place if the national situation changes, including the compulsory use of masks. However, if we do make these changes, we will of course work with you to ensure this can be implemented safely and successfully.

Outside of Covid-19 there has been lots happening in school; you can keep up-to-date with all our positive news and celebration of students’ work via social media. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – please do follow us and see all the great things that are happening.

As always, please do make contact if you have any worries or questions. We are always keen to work with you.

Posted Wednesday 30th September 2020 by Emma Gundry

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