Coronavirus Response - Thursday 19th March 2020

19 March 2020 15:05

Coronavirus Response - Thursday 19th March 2020

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for your patience and understanding during what has been an incredibly unusual situation for us all.  We appreciate that this is an unsettling time for families and children.  I would also extend this thanks to the whole staff body who have worked positively to ensure that students have work, feel safe when in school and can be supported at home.  I am very proud of the team we have at the VLC.

You will be aware that the government has announced that from tomorrow schools are closed, other than for vulnerable students or those who have parents who are key workers.  At the time of writing this today we are still waiting for clarification of who are considered key workers.  As a school we want to try and offer support to as many students and families  during this indefinite period of closure.  At present our plans for the next week are as follows:

  • Continue to provide medical tuition to all those students receiving a programme on site at Milton.  We are liaising with the home-school transport team to ensure that this will continue as normal from next Monday.
  • As stated earlier this week, suspend all tuition in the home whilst medical advice regarding social distancing remains in place
  • Suspend lessons for students in Phase 1 (Milton) and Phase 2 (Weston) for the week beginning 23 March 2020 with the intention to run an alternative curriculum for the week beginning 30 March 2020

All students in Phase 1 have been provided with packs of work.  For Years 8 to 11, you can find work on the website at the following link, and key work has been provided for students appropriate to their KS4 studies.  Any queries or completed work can be sent by email to .

We will maintain regular contact with you by phone over the next week and will update via email, the website and twitter.  However, you are also welcome to contact us directly using the email above.

If you are a key worker and need provision for next week, please contact us by midday tomorrow (Fri 20th March) so that we can support you.  Additionally, if your child has an EHCP or is supported by a social worker, you are also welcome to contact us for support in the next week.  It is also our intention to provide £25 vouchers for families of children who have free school meals and will be providing these during the coming week.

Our plans for tomorrow remain the same – all students welcome in Phase 1 and Year 11 at our Weston site.  All of this is subject to ongoing review of staffing levels.

We understand there will be lots of questions about Y11 exams and more information is being provided to schools tomorrow.  We will update you once we have that information but please be assured that it is our priority to ensure students get the qualifications they deserve.

Posted Thursday 19th March 2020 by Emma Gundry