Bushcraft at Osprey Outdoors

15 July 2019 13:29

Bushcraft at Osprey Outdoors

We were lucky enough to receive a grant from the Quartet Foundation to run Bushcraft sessions with Osprey Outdoors for VLC Weston and AP.

These are some quotes from the students:

Tyler - I have enjoyed following the Bushcraft Programme. I love being in the woods and making a fire. I have taken on the role of being Camp Chef - my best meal was chicken fajitas. I enjoy learning new skills outside. I am happiest whittling a stick.


The sessions in the woods have allowed me to get out of the school environment. I find it calming and relaxing being outside with my friends. I love chilling in the hammock, mucking about on the rope swing but making and keeping the fire going is the best!

Posted Monday 15th July 2019