Year 9


Work set

GCSE and Entry Level students:

  • All work will be set via MyMaths the maths online learning platform.
  • All students should have a log on for this site from their teacher which is a school login and password and an individual log in and password. Letters with details can be resent if needed.
  • Do contact us if you do not have internet access.
  • Do use your log in so staff can see what has been done and give you feedback.
  • The GCSE work will be based on the first few topics in the syllabus- a generic block of work set by Mrs Charter. Please watch out for any additional or alternative work set by your teachers which will be more specific to your individual learning journey. This will be the same for Entry Level students.
  • You can also choose units of your own to do if you wish.


Suggested Websites for Maths


Work set

  • Log onto Seneca website as per card
  • Plan a talk on something or someone you are interested in or feel strongly about, e.g. your favourite pop star, recycling and why we should do it
  • Read  the news, a book or play and write a summary
  • Write a story starting 'The day I didn’t have to go to school….'

Tuition students:

  • Reading for pleasure (all students have at least one new book to read)
  • Spelling scheme to work through
  • Entry for the VLC Literacy Competition
  • Online Seneca work

Suggested Websites for English


Work set

  • Attempt the following in 30 to 40 minute chunks at home.  Try to complete 3 -4 30 to 40 minute Science sessions.
  • There are five projects set: the aim would be to complete one project a week.  Hopefully school will not be closed for long so select a project a week in any order
  1. Infra red signals can be blocked by any material?  Investigate this question using an infra red remote control for example using your tv or xbox remote.  Design an investigation that tests if different materials block the infra red signal.
  2. Does your pulse rate double after vigorous exercise?  Vigorous exercise can be completed by running on the spot, jumping jacks etc.  Remember you will need to establish your resting pulse rate.  Pulse rate before exercise.
  3. Does the distance between dominoes change the time taken for X number to fall? You will need dominoes for this investigation.
  4. Does practise reduce your reaction time? There are lots of online reaction time tests or you could use the dropping the ruler method.
  5. Genetics survey – Collect genetic information from a sample of 30 individuals.  This could be your family, friends, favourite sports teams etc.  Select five different characteristics that are genetically inherited.  Try to include at least two that are discontinuous –you may need to look this up-. Examples include tongue rolling, eye colour, blood group.
  • Set your work out in the following order:
    • Title – Use the Question in the numbered list above.
    • Independent variable – the variable you are changing.  What is this? For infra red this is the type of blocking material.
    • Dependent variable – the variable you are measuring.  What is this? For infra red this is whether the tv switches on.
    • Control variables – all the variables you are keeping the same. For infra red this could be the distance of remote from tv, angle of remote etc
    • Risk assessment – how can any risks be managed?
    • Method – Write a step by step method explaining how you investigated the question.
    • Equipment list – Make a list of your equipment.
    • Results – Results should be recorded in a suitable table with Headings and units.
    • Displaying your results – Choose a suitable graph or chart to display your results. E.g Line graph, bar chart or pie chart
    • Conclusion – Explain what you have found out, any trends in your data and quote figures to support your ideas.
    • Evaluation – How can your investigation be improved to make it more accurate, more reliable and how could it be extended.
  • If you require anything additional please mention to the member of staff checking in with your family and this can be arranged.

Suggested Websites for Science


Work set

  • Students in both Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be, or have been given, a range of booklets with different tasks and activities to encourage the development of different skills including still life, landscapes, portraits and perspective drawing.
  • Students are encouraged to work through the different tasks.
  • Some students may be given individualised tasks suiting their needs and interests.
  • Work through the activities on the Art Literacy Key Words and Terms -  Pack 1.
  • How to improve Your Drawing skills pack will be available for all students in each year group to access on the school website.
  • For students who prefer to create digital art and have access to a smart phone and/or PC; students should take a range of interesting photographs; selfies, portraits of other, landscapes etc and use any editing software on their devices to edit and manipulate, ensuring that the images are saved and/or emailed to their art teacher.
  • Any work created should be kept whether ‘rough’ or ‘perfect’ and can be submitted into their GCSE Art & Design/Photograhy portfolios in yr10 & yr11.

Useful Documents

Suggested Websites for Art

  • There are a vast amount of free apps/software students can download to their smartphone or PC for editing.

Bike Maintenance

Work set

  • Investigate and compare 4 types of bike: Electric, Mountain, Road and Hybrid. Create a presentation that investigates for each bike type:
    • Make
    • Model
    • Colour
    • Specification
    • Sizes
    • Cost
    • Uses
    • Photo
  • Write a detailed report on each bike suggesting pros/ cons of each bike type and justify the choice of your most appropriate bike.

Suggested Websites for Bike Maintenance

Food Technology

Work set

  • Use the internet to research and create an interesting and eye catching fact file on 2 British Chef – one male and one female British.
  • This could be a word document, a PowerPoint, a poster, a leaflet or any other method of creating a fact file to convey the information.
  • Include key information, a photograph of the chef, information about their style and cooking and their beliefs/passions about food.

Suggested Websites for Food Technology


Work set

Student are to complete all the bullet points:

  • Module 3: Understanding why it is important to develop digital resilience.
    • Digital resilience involves understanding when you are at risk online, knowing what to do if anything goes wrong, learning from your experiences and being able to recover from any difficulties.
    • Investigate how going online can make people feel. Explain your finding in a short report and include statistics to support your conclusions.
    • The influences of celebrities and the media on young people.
  • Module 4: Have a knowledge and understanding of what is:
    • Find out what alcohol is and the sugar content of alcohol. Present findings as a short article with picture.
    • Research the links between alcohol and anxiety
    • Investigate reasons why teenagers may feel pressured into drinking alcohol. Present findings in a leaflet the factors, with strategies to resist the pressure.

Suggested Websites for PHSE

  • YouTube Citizenship which goes through all the themes