Work Experience (WEX)

Work Experience at Voyage Learning Campus

At Voyage Learning Campus Weston our students attend a Work Experience (WEX) placement for 1 day per week for at least 6 weeks. Many students stay longer and in some cases are offered apprenticeships. All our WEX placements are health and safety checked and must conform to DfE guidelines. Education Business Partnership - South West, carries out comprehensive checks on Work Experience providers in line with Health and Safety requirements.

Work experience enables our students to see the "World of Work" and to gain valuable skills to enable them to decide what they want to do when they leave school, or indeed to gain confidence outside of the school environment. Students are also able to try more than one placement to broaden their horizons and make informed choices.

All students complete a booklet at the end of their placement/s which goes towards a qualification - Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (COPE).

We value our employers and the skills and guidance that they are able to give. They all go the "extra mile" to encourage and inspire our students.

Employer Quotes regarding students

"He's hands on and wants to be ‘on the job'. One of the best Work Experience students I've ever had in the garage. He's able to work without help"


"He has great energy and is very enthusiastic"


"She is a pleasure to work with, has picked up tasks quickly and has shown that she is very hard working. She has shown aptitude for hospitality and has integrated into the workforce really well"

Fast Food Chain

"He is able to work well on his own, answers the phone, takes contact details accurately and I would have no qualms in giving him a reference for a job in retail"

Charity Shop

"He was a fantastic help with another student I had on Work Experience who had a disability"

Coffee Shop

"She has brilliant customer service skills, is great on the till and an excellent team player. She's always asking for more work!"

Charity Shop

Why Employers are keen to be involved with the VLC

"It's great to have help in the shop with new ideas for displays etc. It's also good experience for the students to put on their CV's".

"I'm keen to help young kids. I was a problem kid myself so I've got an understanding of young people".

"When I was young someone gave me a chance to make something of myself, so it's good to see the kids with a smile on their face at the end of the working day".

Student quotes from Work Experience

"It's helped me with working with the public".

"I feel part of the team".

"I can talk to the customers well now".

"I was suited to my placement because I've always liked cars. I know I want to be a mechanic".

"I like working independently and being trusted".

Apprenticeships VLC


Two students took apprenticeships at local garages.
One student was offered an apprenticeship to work in a fast food chain but decided to take up a place at college.


One student took up an apprenticeship at a flooring company.


One student took an apprenticeship with a German car dealership.

If you are an employer and you would like to get in touch please contact our Work Experience Co-ordinator - Tania McKenna using the following email address:-