Staff Team

Jackie Charter Teacher - Faculty Lead Numeracy
Anna Difazio Teacher
Peter Williams Assistant Vice Principal
Leslie Turnbull Teacher & Temporary Assistant SENCO
Samantha Richardson Teacher
Vacancy Teacher


The qualifications at 16 include AQA GCSE at Higher and Foundation Tier and AQA Entry Level Maths. However should alternatives be required we work hard to accommodate variations required by individual students, particularly those joining us late in Year 11 e.g. following different exam board specifications. Younger students are also entered for KS1 and KS2 SATs where appropriate.

As of September 2016 students start their GCSE curriculum in year 9. This allows us more time to cover the curriculum content with students who have frequently missed education as well as mirroring practice in many of North Somerset's secondary schools.


One of our overriding aims is to work with each student to help them feel confident and positive about maths. Through a mixture of very skilled teacher assessment and some formal testing we can quickly identify gaps in an individual student’s knowledge. We then work with them to effectively address these issues in such a way that self confidence increases and progress follows.


The campus has a wide range of resources including textbooks, interactive whiteboards, laptops and standalone computers with the associated maths software to support effective learning in the subject. We also have a good selection of practical hands on resources to support students at all levels and games that underpin basic numeracy skills.

In the past year we have built several maths courses onto our virtual learning environment. The majority of these courses are for our GCSE students, who can access past papers and fully written solutions, videos and other revision resources to help them prepare for their exams.

Faculty Development

The varied backgrounds of the maths staff mean that a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills exist amongst us. We will be working as a team to share that knowledge and expertise to make us stronger and more consistent across all our locations for the ultimate benefit of the students we teach.

In addition we will be looking to see how the strengths of more traditional maths teaching can be blended with the 21st century provision we aspire to provide, as we all live in an increasingly technological world.

During the year 2016-17 one of our priorities is to develop and implement a VLC wide approach to numeracy to assist our students in improving their numeracy skills.

Additional Information

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BBC Bitesize Rising Stars Mr Barton Maths