Year 11

Year 11 Exams - FAQs

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Work set


  • Three past papers from June 2018 at Foundation/Higher Tier. Answers on VLC and AQA websites.
  • Four Revision booklets on Number, Algebra, Shape and Measure and Data.
  • Also revision workbooks and our CANVAS VLE can be used.

Please see full maths guidance in your pack and on the website for more details.

Entry Level:

All work will be set via MyMaths the maths online learning platform. All students should have a log on for this site from their teacher which is a school login and password and an individual log in and password. Letters with details can be resent if needed.

Do contact us if you do not have internet access.

Do use your log in so staff can see what has been done and give you feedback.

The Entry Level work will be based on the first few topics in the syllabus- a generic block of work set by Mrs Charter. Please watch out for any additional or alternative work set by your teachers which will be more specific to your individual learning journey.

You can also choose units of your own to do if you wish by looking under the ‘My Library’ section.

Useful Documents

Use the links below to access past exam papers (foundation and higher) and revision topic booklets.

Suggested Websites for Maths


Work set

  • Logon to Seneca and work through the GCSE English Language AQA activities
  • Complete the exam style papers included in your work pack

Tuition students:

  • Entry Level Work
  • Reading book from library
  • Spelling sheets to work on

Suggested Websites for English


Work set

  • The following should support over several weeks of revision. Your teacher may have given you some paper exam papers to practise for May/June exams. You can find most mark schemes for on click subject Biology, qualification type GCSE, specification Biology 8461 and then all available series. There are two online papers June 2018 and the specimen paper, both with mark schemes.  Start with paper copies if you have them, using your Biology revision guide and/or Biology AQA to support any questions you find difficult.
  • If you have access to the internet please log on to Seneca as your teacher will have set some review work on this platform.
  • Students who have access to a biology revision guide and work book at home.  Please start at topic one for revision, this is a very popular topic and having a thorough understanding of cells, microscopes and the microbiology required practical is key, this is often an exam question! Any work completed form this work book will have an impact on your understanding. 
  • Aim for at least 3 hours of work across five days – chunking work into 30 to 40 minute sections will help keep you motivated.
  • If you require anything additional please mention to the member of staff checking in with your family and this can be arranged.

Suggested Websites for Science

Art & Food Technology

Work set

  • Specific work where appropriate will be set for individuals to link to GCSE Portfolio.
  • Work through the activities on:
  • Students are encouraged to research artists and crafts, people relevant to projects in their GCSE Art & Design Portolfio. Create PowerPoints or mood boards, write comments about the work of the artists and how it has influenced their work.
  • In addition, students can work from skills packs to develop different drawing skills. In particular, students can focus on observational and still life drawing. They are encouraged to use mobile phones to photograph still life assemblies and then draw from their photographs in a variety if mediums; pencil, biro, use tablet/phone apps to experiment.
  • Students should use the internet to research a variety of contemporary and historical artists to help influence their drawing styles.  E.g Picasso, Cezanne, Michael Craig Martin.

Suggested Websites for Art & Food Technology

  • There are a variety of websites for art and artists where students can explore contemporary and historical artists including the artists own websites.

  • YouTube YouTube is an excellent sources of how to videos for students to watch and learn new techniques and processes

  • BBC Good Food on Facebook Good Food every day. Become a fan for daily food and recipe inspiration from Britain’s no1 food media brand.

  • Creative Home Learning with iPad How to design and draw digital art; How to create animation; How to edit and produce video content; How to make digital music; How best to capture and adapt photography

Motor Vehicle

Work set

  • Create a detailed comparison for each of the following 4 car fuel types: Diesel, Petrol, Electric, LPG or Hybrid.
  • You will need to create a PowerPoint presentation or report that selects a car from each fuel type and:
    • Select make/model/colour of the car
    • Cost, specification of car
    • Outline fuel economy
    • Environmental issues of manufacture/fuel type
    • Advantages/limitations/ availability of fuel type
  • Compare the 4 different cars and make recommendations on which one is your preferred choice justifying your reasons for choice.

Suggested Websites for Motor Vehicle

Food Technology

Work set

  • Any students entered for the BTEC Level 2 Home Cooking Skills Award who have not completed their portfolio will have been given this to complete at home. Upon return to school they must hand in to Mrs Bailey-Price in Phase 2 or Mr Price in Phase 3.
  • Students are encouraged to take photographs of any dishes they make at home and email to their teacher to be included in their portfolio as evidence.


Work set

  • The students are to work through their workbooks and complete as many modules as possible with any tasks/activities set within the book.
  • Students could also access the website Quizlet and create a login as a student to work through the module/tasks.
  • Students will also be provided with past exam papers to attempt.
  • The course students are studying is GCSE Citizenship with Edexcel Exam Board.

Suggested Websites for Citizenship