Year 10

For Phase 2 students: The work below can be completed alongside the work sent home for English, Maths and Science week beginning 27 April


Work set

GCSE and Entry Level students:

  • All work will be set via MyMaths the maths online learning platform.
  • All students should have a log on for this site from their teacher which is a school login and password and an individual log in and password. Letters with details can be resent if needed.
  • Do contact us if you do not have internet access.
  • Do use your log in so staff can see what has been done and give you feedback.
  • The GCSE work will be based on the first few topics in the syllabus- a generic block of work set by Mrs Charter. Please watch out for any additional or alternative work set by your teachers which will be more specific to your individual learning journey. This will be the same for Entry Level students.
  • You can also choose units of your own to do if you wish by looking under the ‘My Library’ section.

Suggested Websites for Maths


Work set

  • Log onto Seneca website as per card.
  • Plan a talk on something or someone you are interested in or feel strongly about e.g. your favourite pop star, recycling and why we should do it.
  • Read the news, a book or play and write a summary.
  • Write a story starting ‘The day I didn’t have to go to school….’

Tuition students:

  • Entry Level Work.
  • Reading book from library.
  • Spelling sheets to work on.

Suggested Websites for English


Work set

  • The following should support over several weeks.
  • If you have access to the internet please log on to Seneca as your teacher will have set some review work on this platform initially.
  • Students who have access to a biology revision guide and work book at home.  Please start at Topic one Pg 11 within the revision guide and complete work book pages 1 – 17. This is a very popular topic and having a thorough understanding of cells, microscopes and the microbiology required practical is key - this is often an exam question. 
  • Any work completed from this work book will have an impact on your understanding therefore move onto topic two when you are ready.

Additional tasks for all students: 

  • The digestive system is also a key topic – Create a Digestive system project using your own knowledge and the website below. 
  • Explain the overall function of the system and the function (job) of each organ involved: Salivary gland, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Small intestine, Large intestine and anus/rectum. 
  • You will also be required to label a digestive system diagram.  Try to learn as many labels as you can.
  • Finish your project with a section on enzymes; what are they and how do they work, giving examples of enzymes within the digestive system. 
  • You can use paper, create something poster style, use power point or word for this project.

Additional tasks for Medical Tuition students - Biology:

  • Using your work books and the timings already stated attempt work book Pgs 20 - 29.
  • Once complete move onto Topic 7 Ecology -some of this learning builds upon food chains and webs from KS3 and Primary school. 
  • Use your answer booklet  and revision guide to support your learning and check your answers.

Aim for 3 hours of work across five days – chunking work into 30 to 40 minute sections will help keep you motivated.

Suggested Websites for Science

  • The following websites have excellent videos, multi choice quizzes that self-mark and sample exam questions with answers.  This website will support you with the work set above.  Using the website to review topics already taught will help you prepare for Yr 11 GCSEs.

  • BBC Bitesize

  • Seneca Learning

  • If you require anything additional please mention to the member of staff checking in with your family and this can be arranged via the website or over email.

Art & Food Technology

Work set

  • Students will have access to a range of drawing booklets designed to improve a variety of skills and develop knowledge.
  • Work through the activities on:
  • Some students will be given individualised tasks to complete based on tier work for GCSE Art & Design and/or GCSE Art & Design Photography.
  • GCSE Art & Design Photography students are to use the internet to search for a famous photographer whose work they find interesting and create a PowerPoint or mood board showcasing the photographer’s work and key information about the photographer. In addition, the PP or mood board should include the student’s personal opinions about the work.
  • GCSE Art & Design – How to Improve Your Drawing - this booklet will either be given directly to students or will be available on the school website for students to work from. It is designed to support students to develop and improve their observational and still life drawing skills.

 All work produced will be submitted into the student’s portfolio of their GCSE Art Design/Photography qualification. Keep all work whether ‘rough’ or ‘perfect’.

Useful Documents

Suggested Websites for Art & Food Technology

  • Through ‘googling’ students will be able to find a variety of websites to support their interests and help them develop their skills.

  • YouTube is a useful site for finding videos to encourage and demonstrate different drawing styles and techniques.

  • BBC Good Food on Facebook Good Food every day. Become a fan for daily food and recipe inspiration from Britain’s no1 food media brand.

  • Creative Home Learning with iPad How to design and draw digital art; How to create animation; How to edit and produce video content; How to make digital music; How best to capture and adapt photography

Motor Vehicle

Work set

  • Create a detailed comparison for each of the following 2 car  types: Electric or Hybrid.
  • You will need to create a presentation or report; select your favourite make/model of a car and which type (Electric or Hybrid):
    • Why that model of car
    • It’s cost, specification of car
    • Outline fuel economy/performance
    • Environmental issues of manufacture/fuel
    • Advantages and range limitations
  • Compare your 2 chosen cars and make recommendations on which one is your preferred choice justifying your reasons above.

Suggested Websites for Motor Vehicle


Work set

  • Students have been given packs to take home and complete.
  • They are to continue working on Theme B Democracy at the work place in UK.
  • They need to complete two chapters a week with accompany activities for each chapter.
  • Once Theme B is completed they are to continue working through the rest of the themes (C then D). 

Suggested Websites for Citizenship

Food Technology

Work set

  • Students are asked to investigate and create an interesting and engaging presentation of one of the following:
    • Vegetarian -v - Vegan
    • Indian Cuisine –v-Chinese Cuisine
    • Mediterranean Diet –v-British Diet
    • Sugar
    • The Benefits of a Balanced Diet
  • The presentation would be created in any format the students wishes.

Suggested Websites for Food Technology

  • There are a vast amount of website that students can access to find a range of facts and information. But students are requested to not copy and paste.