Voyage Learning Campus - Year 7 & 8

Voyage Learning Campus - Year 7 & 8 Staff

Name Role
Ashlee Copeland Year 7 & 8 Lead Teacher and Assistant SENCO
Victoria Brewster Teacher
Samantha Wilkinson Therapeutic Support Worker
Mark Bristol Teaching Assistant
Lucy Rothwell Teaching Assistant
Julia Harvey Business Support Administrator


During Terms 1 & 2 the enrichment activities will be cooking, where students will make a range of breakfast, dinner and desert dishes and Design Technology where students will complete a project of their choice. The sports activity for Terms 1 & 2 will be swimming.

You can download our current timetable from the useful documents section at the bottom of this page.

Support / Interventions

When students join our Centre they are immediately assigned a Key Tutor. The Key Tutor will be the main point of contact for parents/carers if they need to discuss progress and any issues that may arise. The Key Tutor will offer advice, support and strategies to their students in order to help them manage their behaviour.

Each day students take part in social games. The aim of this time is to help students develop their confidence and self esteem through games played in small groups.

Skills time is used for targeted intervention to support individual students with reading, writing and numeracy support.

Behaviour Expectations

We have a set of school values with supporting expectations which we all agree to follow. These are displayed around the Centre and are referred to when discussing behaviour with our students.


  • We will be polite to each other
  • We will listen and follow instructions the first time
  • We will look after all property and ask before using something that belongs to someone else


  • We will use appropriate language (no swearing) with each other
  • We will accept that we are all different
  • We will think of others and not hurt each other through name calling, or physical violence


  • We will aim high and always do our best
  • We will always give things a go and remain in lessons
  • We will ensure everyone can learn at all times


  • We will tell the truth
  • We will take responsibility for our own behaviour
  • We will accept when we have made a wrong choice

At the end of each week we hand out certificates and rewards for those students who practice these values as well as a certificate for the 'Student of the Week'.

Rewards and Consequences

During lessons we use a 'Going for Gold' system. Students begin each lesson on green in order that they have a fresh start for each lesson. Students move up through bronze, silver or gold for positive behaviour and down to orange for negative behaviour. Students with positive behaviour points are then rewarded with an activity on a Friday afternoon. These activities can be a mixture of on-site and off-site activities; previous activities have included laser quest, rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking and a movie afternoon.

Other rewards include earning merits for excellent work, positive phone calls home and earning computer time.

Useful Documents

KS3 Timetable

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