Re-engagement and Prevention Staff

Name Role
Jane Beason REAP & CME Co-ordinator
Karen Jenkins Teacher
Samantha Wilkinson Therapeutic Support Worker
Amanda Cook HLTA CME
Martin Kenney Teaching Assistant

REAP Overview

The Re-engagement and Prevention Provision (REAP) is located on our Weston-super-Mare site shared with our Key Stage 4 Pupil Referral Unit. It is housed in a dedicated area of the building with it's own separate entrance.

This is a provision for students who require early intervention to maintain their mainstream school place. We aim to address emerging behaviours which are having a detrimental impact on a students time in school, including those that may be caused by underlying issues, in order to reduce the risk of exclusion and ultimately permanent exclusion.

We can provide places for up to 10 students from years 6 - 10. Our programme of support runs for a maximum period of 20 weeks, with review meetings every 6 weeks, which the referring school will be expected to attend. The school will also be required to part-fund the place, which will include student transport if this should be required.

Aims of REAP

We will provide a managed intervention programme for students who need to address negative patterns of behaviour in order to be successful in a mainstream environment.

The keys features of REAP will be to:

  • Intervene before behaviour patterns become entrenched.
  • Holistically assess students needs.
  • Work with parents/carers and families to support the individual student and help them understand the issues they face.
  • Provide opportunities for small group and individual work with specialist educational intervention support.
  • Support students to re-engage with education making learning enjoyable and productive.
  • Provide therapeutic support on a group or individual basis to address barriers to learning.
  • Support the student to re-engage with education and learn how to manage their behaviour to make learning enjoyable and productive.
  • Work with individual students to improve; emotional wellbeing, such as confidence and self-expression (including strategies to manage), and relationship building i.e. family, peers and school staff.
  • Signpost help in the community.
  • Support students through the use of six weekly reviews, a reintegration plan and strategies in order to secure a successful return to mainstream school.

Profile of a Student Referred to REAP / Reasons for Referral

  • Students referred should not be at the level, or have reached the disciplinary stage, of requiring Pupil Referral Provision - therefore at imminent risk of permanent exclusion.
  • A 'typical' student may have had a repeat fixed term exclusion for the same offence or a small number of 'one-off' internal or external exclusions.
  • The student may be identified as being in danger of disaffection from school.
  • The student may have a high level of behaviour incidents on their behaviour log.
  • Students may have other underlying issues, for example drug use, social and peer / parent / carer / school staff relationship issues.
  • Students should be referred when a second review or more of their Pastoral Support Programme (PSP) has taken place.
  • It is expected that the school will have evidence of reasonable internal measures to support the student and family prior to referring.
  • Students will have had involvement from external agencies.
  • Student may be in receipt of C1 (behaviour) top up funding.
  • A school may feel they have exhausted all avenues of support they can provide and 'time out' of school in this setting is required.

Referral Process

  • Referrals are made through the Out of School Panel.
  • At the end of the placement, any decision relating to whether an individual may require an extension to a form of Alternative Provision will be made via the Out of School Panel.


Comments from Parents

"I want everyone to know that I am so pleased to have my daughter back and we are able to talk and be close again."

Anonymous Parent

"REAP have been amazing with my son they have worked on his self esteem, they have treated him with respect and restored my faith. I only wish he could finish his education with such an amazing hard working group of people."

Anonymous Parent

"My daughter has come such a long way since being at REAP. She had no interest in education, but this has totally changed. You have always kept me up to date with her progress and I felt I could phone anytime if I had any concerns, almost becoming my agony aunt at times! I will be forever grateful to the REAP team, for the patience, support and understanding, which you have shown myself and my daughter. I can't thank you enough for this."

Anonymous Parent

Comments from Students

"Since I have been here I have enjoyed my one to one sessions, cooking, art, trips and group work. Everybody has an understanding and I will miss it."

Anonymous Student

"I have learnt a lot more. I will miss the group work and one to one sessions and getting all the help I needed. I have rebuilt my confidence and self esteem."

Anonymous Student

Comments from Schools

"The REAP provision has been an invaluable addition to our alternative provision package.  Those students who need time out of main stream provision in order to readdress their behaviour and future aspirations, away from possible negative influences.  This short term provision supports school with a therapeutic approach and regular intervention to discuss the patterns of behaviour that if not arrested will lead to exclusion and serious implications for their future.

Lorraine M. at Churchill Academy

"We have used REAP for the first time this year and have found the impact that it has had to be excellent. It has provided the necessary skills and understanding of behaviours to allow our student to have every opportunity for success.

The attention to detail in the review meetings and the excellent communication with school, parent and pupil has ensured the best support package has been given.

The therapeutic work, alongside the bespoke learning from a dedicated team ensures that effective relationships are built.

Without this package our student was very much on the path to Permanent Exclusion. With the fantastic work at REAP this student is now very clear on what is required to remain in school and the opportunities that a different and more positive path can offer.

We cannot thank the staff enough for their persistence, encouragement and caring support that they provide. This has been a very effective intervention and one that we will be using more of in the future."

Head of House of Local Academy

We have just completed a 20 week package with REAP for one of our most concerning students.  If it had not been for the offer of a place I have no doubt this student would have been permanently excluded by now.

Instead, we have seen a real change during the time our student has spent with REAP. He has improved his attendance and begun to modify his behaviour.  He is making better choices and can reflect on events with much greater maturity and self-awareness.

With the excellent high level of support he has received, he has followed a personalised programme tailored to meet his needs holistically.  His timetable includes therapeutic support and he is now beginning to open up and benefit from this.

REAP has given him a final chance to turn things around and he is currently re-integrating into his mainstream school in a really positive way.

RP - Inclusion Consultant


If you would like to get in touch with the Re-engagement and Prevention Provision, please contact Jane Beason on 01934 425 522.